Of course, I have invested in an amazing archival printer and pigment inks, and print Fine Art Giclee Prints from my studio in Sydney, Australia. HERE is the link to check out the selection available.

I certainly do, my art is available everywhere. I have collaborated with some great printing companies that print my art in the UK, USA, NZ, Poland, Germany. Check out my SHOP to find your closest stockist. I now also send prints internationally from my studio in Sydney, Aus.

No, please don’t…as a living, breathing, working artist my art is globally copyrighted to me the artist, Sally Walsh / Sillier Than Sally.
It is also how I make a living, and is not available for copying in any way.

Of course you can =) I love that my art inspires people and I love that my online and in-person art classes help grow so many peoples love for art & their art skills. But please remember if you are pulling “inspiration” from another persons art (mine included) it should just be a SPARK of that other persons work. Not a copy. It should look like your work first not a version of someone else's. 

No, you cannot. As copying is copying. If you have taken one of my art classes, you can of course copy the art piece used for that lesson. But my larger collection of art is copyrighted to me the artist, please respect that.

I use my favourite watercolour paints (in the whole wide world) Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints. They are magnificent paints but be warned they are on the pricey side, but worth it if you really want to go down the watercolour path. A few of my fave colours are: Quin Deep Gold, Sodalite Genuine and Serpentine Green.
I use Arches Cold Pressed watercolour paper, 300gsm with a medium tooth. and I use two paint brushes, a thin & long rigger brush, size 2 (most watercolour brush brands sell these) and I use a round size 10 brush by a company called Neef. 

Thank you so much for thinking of me, but at the moment I cannot. My days are bursting full with running my little art biz and taking care of my young kids that I don’t even get enough time some weeks to paint! So time does not allow me to mentor or coach anyone else. 
I do so wish you luck on your creative journey though, and don't forget I have in-person and online art classes that might help you.

Yes there is =) Postage is $10 anywhere around Australia, but is free if you buy a few prints and the purchase goes over $100. 

No, not at the moment. There is a special $5 flat rate (or free over $100) for all in the local area code of my studio - 2233. So it makes it super cheap to get your prints delivered straight to you. 

As I collaborate with so many amazing companies around the world, my art products and a huge range of prints are sent to your address from their companies. I can't control their shipping.

Yes! I now offer international shipping from my Sydney, Australia studio.

International orders range from $20-$35 flat rate depending on location.

International customers are responsible for all import/customs/local tax fees that may be incurred upon receipt of your package.

I have also collaborated with some great printing companies that print my art in the UK, USA, NZ, Poland, Germany. Check out my SHOP to find your closest stockist.

We print and package over the week at our studio (quality prints take time), and post usually once a week on Thursdays.

Our Giclee prints are not normal run of the mill prints AT ALL - they are beautiful high quality prints. Printed with archival pigment ink on Canon, 360gsm mottled cotton archival rag. They look like originals and will last a lifetime!

I am so overwhelmed with the love of my art & requests for charity work, I love to do charity work where I can. Unfortunately I can no longer say yes to all the requests that come through, as I recieve 100's of requests a year. And in all honesty, to continue to afford to be an artist and feed my family, I need to also make an income - just like all other humans =) I hope you can understand that.

Charities I am currently championing: 
“One Tree Planted” - Every time a print order or original art piece leaves my studio, a tree is planted in Australia with One Tree Planted  
“Art In Africa” - From spending extensive time in Africa, I am now working on a dream to in the future, help bring some sustainable art practices & solid art careers to some small villages, in some areas I have travelled through in Africa, to help the girls in these villages champion their own art, build their art business skills, mindsets and unique styles, and utilise their amazing landscape & settings. To fund an art supplies chain and to help teach these girls to sell quality & unique art to their local tourism network. Help them create a sustainable & enjoyable art business, that brings in solid revenue for themselves and their families and in doing so helps boost their villages economy and community. 
Girls sitting in their power and strength - can save the world! 

As a matter of fact, I do =) I am slowly taking over the walls of Australia with delightful prints. So if you have a darling brick n mortar store and you think some Sillier Than Sally Art Prints (A4 or A3 size) would suit your customers, Please shoot me an email over at sally@sillierthansally.com to chat.

YES! =) My lovely crew over at ArtSHINE have a fab range of my home & lifestyle products, that they wholesale to awesome brick & mortar shops around Australia. FInd out more by contacting vinh@artshine.com.au
He will hook you up with access to view the dazzling products available for your retail shop.
The products are along the likes of - https://artshineplayground.com/category/artists/sillier-than-sally/