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Sweet Testimonials

We first we Sally when we commissioned her to do a painting of hubby and I with our 7 grandkids. We felt a connection to her straight away. Our painting turned out amazing with everyone’s personalities coming through. We have also since purchased 3 other originals from her and love them all. I have also had the pleasure of doing 3 of her in person painting classes and it’s like coming home to an old friend every time I see her. I cannot rate her highly enough. Not only a wonderful artist but a beautiful soul as well.

Jules Cavanagh

I just wanted to thank you Sally for the wonderful online art class in Lifebook. I am deeply empathic and the current issues facing us makes the overall energy very challenging. I decided to focus on my art. It give me something challenging enough that it captured my full attention, but I also have the immense joy of having created a beautiful portrait - the likes of which I have never created before. You have given me a tremendous gift by sharing your knowledge and skills. With love and deep appreciation


It takes zero time on Sally’s feed to know how out-of-this-world talented she is! But what you can’t know by her art— is the experience you will have with her. Without a doubt you will have the most incredible journey with Sally! She communicates so clearly and thoroughly. She is dependable, will listen to your vision & if you let her she will build upon your vision and make it better than what you were dreaming up. She is a unicorn in artistry and always brings sunshine and rainbows with her. Love you big time Sally!!!

Amy Egbert (Author)

I LOVE Sillier Than Sally’s art! I have purchased prints, canvas, & calendars, and love them all. I fell in love with her art the first time I saw it!
The way she uses her happy little watercolor “splashes”in her creations just adds to the uniqueness of her adorable characters and beautiful paintings. Sally’s unbelievable style truly makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face!

Connie Rand Shelton

Sally Walsh is an amazing artist as well as a beautiful person. I have 7 original art works as well as numerous coffee mugs, tote bags, pencil cases and have purchased some of Sally’s beautiful fabrics, yet to be sewn!
Needless to say I’m a huge fan of Sally’s. 

Caz Lee

Sally has an amazing ability of transferring her watercolour skills into steps to help you learn and implement watercolour techniques. Her quirky yet highly experienced personality provides a space which is supportive, fun and welcoming. I highly recommend her classes for any ability level.

Vanessa Colebrook

Sally’s art is like a slice of sunshine and rainbows. She encapsulates the world in high definition colour when sometimes it can seem a little less so. I love her beautiful blooms and windows to the world, but it’s her cute animals that steal my heart every time. I can’t wait to have a child so that I can decorate their nursery in all the things Sally has created!

Natalie Kessel (Pink Hibiscus)

Sally is the best! I participated in a FREE pre-recorded tutorial on a mushroom and butterfly picture. It was great fun, even though my end result was not as gorgeous as hers. And when I sent her pictures of the results, she even commented on them and provided tips for improvement.


I have 3 of Sally's Art Prints framed and in my home now. I love them SO much. The colours are stunning and the best way to describe them is they make me feel happy! It's the reason I had to buy 2 others after the first one. I now have my sights on Sally's Homewares Range