Water Colour Month

Water Colour Month Is Here
Some might call me insane, but as it’s November, I am embarking on my water colour month challenge: Where I create loads of new watercolour paintings over the month of November. So join me on Facebook & Instagram to cheer me on and check out the daily paintings….if you fall in love with one of my daily creations (and are quick) you can even grab an affordable original to adorn a wall in your home =)

Some of last Novembers water colour paintings…

Water Colour Month Details:
The colourful craziness starts this coming Monday morning (the 6th of November 2017) with the first painting being popped up on my Facebook & Instagram pages (if you would like to purchase one of the originals Facebook is the place to do it) at 8am AEST. Then daily for the rest of the working week, so Monday to Friday each week for the month of November.

Each Weeks Theme…
Week 1: Birds, Birds, Birds
Week 2: Delightful Nursery & Kids Room Art
Week 3: All Things Lovely: Females
Week 4: Animal Week

Buying an original:
If you absolutely love one of my daily originals, you can pop SOLD in the Facebook comment section of the art piece you love. There is only one painting available daily, so be quick if you truly love a piece. First SOLD comment snaps up the art piece.
A message about your bought art piece will be sent to you later in the day, with payment & postage details.

Rather than $275 to $450, which is my standard pricing for water colours along these lines……these daily art creations will be available for $125 to $145 each. So if you love one you can snap it up…they do seem to get snapped up pretty quickly though….a minute or two was  the average time, during the last challenge.

Time Zones:
I hail from Sydney Australia, please check timings for YOUR time zone. I will be popping up the original art creations at 8am AEST daily Monday to Friday.

Commissions are closed for 2017 and 2018 as I am already crazily booked solid with commissions until Christmas….and a few days after that I am expecting a baby. So there is only the one art piece available daily, I will not be taking on extra commission orders.

Postage & Pick Up Options:
Pick Up Option:  If you are local to my Engadine, Sydney Studio, free art pick up days are Thursday the 7th of December (between 2 to 7pm) or Saturday the 9th of December (between 12 to 5pm). Just confirm a pick up time with me.
Postage options:  $20 for postage within Australia (flat packed and includes insurance).
Postage is $40 International, flat packed and includes insurance (Australia post now charges me from $40 to $75 for international postage of this size. Crazy I know!!)
If you buy more than one original, they can be packages together, so no charge on the second art piece.

All posted art will go into the mail the first week of December. This challenge is a huge undertaking…and documenting, scanning, matting, and packaging up all the art and posting is about a weeks worth of work. So this process happens in December.

Rectangular Original Painting Size is 29cm x 40cm, with the Finished Mat Board Size for framing being 40cm x 50cm.
Square Original Painting Size is 30cm x 30cm, with the Finished Mat Board Size for framing being 50cm x 50cm.

Mating & Framing:
All the original art pieces come beautifully mated, edged with some lovely layered vintage paper and ready to pop into a frame, like so….

You can buy a snazzy frame from IKEA which will fit your art piece perfectly or you can take your masterpiece to your local framer and get something special created for between $70 to $100.

IKEA Frame option 1 (Rectangular Frame):
For Original Painting Size: 29cm x 40cm  |  Finished Mat Board Size: 40cm x 50cm
Article number 203.032.99
Stained Oak Effect.
Frame link – http://bit.ly/2yLLEfy

IKEA Frame option 2 (Square Frame):
For Original Painting Size: 30cm x 30cm  |  Finished Mat Board Size: 50cm x 50cm
Article number 003.784.41
White shadow box frame
Frame link – http://bit.ly/2zIjHnb

IKEA pricing and link info are for within Australia.

Painting are created with the highest quality Daniel Smith Water Colour Paints on acid free 300gsm, medium tooth  Archers Water Colour Paper, and mated on acid free framers board.

Update your Facebook setting to see the art on your feed when I post it…
This is a big one – don’t forget to update your preferences in Facebook, so that my art will pop up on your home feed first thing. Otherwise Facebook might decide not to show it to you at all (yep, Facebook does that A LOT). Simple fix for that is go to MY PAGE then go to the “Following” button towards the top of my page and click “SEE FIRST” so that my art piece pops up on your page when I post it each morning. I have included a scene grab of how to do this below.


Why a self set challenge…
November 2015 was my first self imposed water colour challenge / passion project (to get me creating daily & improve my water colour skills to mad level)… I was super nervous about doing this challenge originally, putting my work out there…to possible silence… but hells bells peoples, I did not have to worry about that – my art mad friends on Facebook (you guys), went ballistic for the daily art pieces, and snapped them up in seconds…. and the love, likes, shares & all over support was just magical – seriously I think I was on a lovely warm happy high for months afterwards. It is definitely what kept me going during those sleep deprived painting days.

So now when every November comes around, I roll up my sleeves, except my challenge, and spend the month painting away, and produce a lovely new series of paintings that are extremely affordably to buy……which is my way of giving back to my Sillier Than Sally art mad friends! Yep! Thats you guys again!

Usually I start on the first of November and create a painting daily, 7 days a week for the whole month…the delay this year, and the 5 paintings a week schedule is due to my health not being 100% this year.  I am over 7 months pregnant at the moment, so as you can imagine, already all sorts of tired….but I still have sever morning sickness 24/7 and other baby and body complications going on that have kind of taken my legs out from under me. So it was the 5 day schedule (as each painting takes a full day to create) or actually cancel the event for this year.

So join me on Facebook and Instagram, and join in the festive arty fun. Your support means the world to me!

xx Sally