…thanks for visiting. I’m Sally (Sillier Than Sally) and this site of mine is jam packed full of arty farty goodness, that I have poured my heart & soul into.

This is me  – I am a Sydney (AUS) born & based professional artist, illustrator & designer…. you can read all about my “scenic route” life journey at my About Me page.  Or you can get the run down on my art, art processes & previous art exhibitions at my About My Art page.

Want to jump in and see some bright & dynamic art & design? Then head on over to my Gallery ….if you like what you see (and why wouldn’t you) you can adopt your own “Sillier Than Sally” original or print through my Available Artwork page.

If you are on the other hand after something really special, that is as unique as you are, why not check out my Commission A Project page – there is plenty of info there to get the ball rolling, so that together we can bring your juicy ideas to life!   You can also see what others are saying about their commission projects and my art process on my testimonial page.

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